• reedsy
    Editing, Writing

    A Brief Look at Reedsy

    A couple weeks ago, I received an invitation to join a new venture called Reedsy. Reedsy is an organization that allows writers and authors to browse a curated marketplace of editors, designers,…

  • Life, Writing

    DOGGONE at Desert Island Supply Co.

    Quick, fun news! I’ll have a small piece of writing (nonfiction essay) in the chapbook for an event here in Birmingham, AL, tomorrow night. More info: DOGGONE is an event of words,…

  • maryoliver

    Mary Oliver’s Interview with On Being

    I recently discovered podcasts on my iPhone. I’m quite late to the podcast club, I admit, but now that I’m  here, I’ve been enjoying the resources it provides to writers. It’s not a surprise to any writer…

  • The Great Oxford Comma Debate

    The Great Oxford Comma Debate

    I once had someone ask me to please explain to him, for once and for all, what in the blazes this thing called an Oxford comma was. So, I did. But then…