• No-Fail Ways to Win Pitch Wars

    10 No-Fail Ways to Win Pitch Wars

    As Pitch Wars 2017 kicks into gear, many hopefuls are searching for the key to success. Maybe you’re one of them. Hungry for insider information, you’re scouring hashtags, following previous years’ mentees and…

  • Editing, Writing

    A Brief Look at Reedsy

    A couple weeks ago, I received an invitation to join a new venture called Reedsy. Reedsy is an organization that allows writers and authors to browse a curated marketplace of editors, designers,…

  • Life, Writing

    DOGGONE at Desert Island Supply Co.

    Quick, fun news! I’ll have a small piece of writing (nonfiction essay) in the chapbook for an event here in Birmingham, AL, tomorrow night. More info: DOGGONE is an event of words,…

  • Writing

    Mary Oliver’s Interview with On Being

    I recently discovered podcasts on my iPhone. I’m quite late to the podcast club, I admit, but now that I’m  here, I’ve been enjoying the resources it provides to writers. It’s not a surprise to any writer…

  • The Great Oxford Comma Debate

    The Great Oxford Comma Debate

    I once had someone ask me to please explain to him, for once and for all, what in the blazes this thing called an Oxford comma was. So, I did. But then…