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Mary Oliver’s Interview with On Being

I recently discovered podcasts on my iPhone. I’m quite late to the podcast club, I admit, but now that I’m  here, I’ve been enjoying the resources it provides to writers. It’s not a surprise to any writer that the act of putting pen to paper is often isolating. Podcasts have given me an unexpected venue through which to feel the companionship of other writers and people contemplating things that I am also contemplating at the time. And it’s nice to hear this articulated aloud rather than via emails.

So it was that I stumbled upon the podcast series On Being this past weekend. On Being recently interviewed the wonderful Mary Oliver, poet extraordinaire. I won’t take away from the podcast by summarizing it here, but I will say that Ms. Oliver touches on topics like religion, writing as a discipline, writing as healing, wounds and how we deal with them, the family dynamic, and much more. If you, like me, are new to podcasts (and even if you aren’t), I suggest you give this a listen. Preferably somewhere where you can keep a pen and paper nearby to jot down all the things the conversation will bring to mind.